Spruce. Neat, trim and smart in appearance

About us : history and principles

I think I have always dreamed of spruce. It is an extension of me.

Spruce began over a lunch with my husband at the infamous Huey’s. I toyed with the idea that Memphis needed a new boutique with a fresh approach to design, home accessories, and gifts. There was one very perfect unavailable space. A week and a half later, it was available. Two weeks later, I had a construction plan, plane tickets to market, and a concept called spruce.

The name originated on a trip home to Nashville. I told my husband, Patrick, that I wanted a clean, concise name that evoked color, nature, and texture. He blurted out spruce, and I spent the next few weeks assuring him that using the name was not just flattery. It was perfection, the perfect description of my baby, my shop to be, and my dream. The night I returned from New York, we discovered that spruce would not be the only baby in our lives, but that Taylor Gray would soon follow nine months later. So here I am, juggling a design business, a shop, and a family. How sweet it is!