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Sprucing up the Little Pink House
3 December 2009

The process that Mr. Jones calls our "selena-fication" continues. He’s referring, of course, to Selena Mcadams (brilliant, unerring interior designer & owner of Spruce) who has been helping us pull things together around here, slowly but surely, for the past, well, years. The final touches in our living room: the little joneses' silhouettes (by Clay Rice) are finally framed and hanging (thank you, too, Chris Garner!) and the inside of the front door is painted in the same raspberry red as the curtains. Read more at the Me & Mrs. Jones painted finishes blog...

Confessions of a Moody Blue Drama Queen
27 January 2009

Friends know that Mrs. Jones avoids moodiness, confrontation or drama of any kind, at any cost, but when her brilliant friend, interior designer Selena Mcadams (of Spruce) tossed out the idea of a sexy, dramatic, deep blue for her living room walls, it was clear that a bit of drama was just the kick that the little pink house needed. Read more at the Me & Mrs. Jones painted finishes blog...

By Sally Walker Davies, Special to The Commercial Appeal
Friday, July 13, 2007

Designer Selena McAdams had always thought about opening a store to bring a more youthful approach to the Memphis design scene, and took the plunge in May when the space she always coveted opened up.

The former buyer for the now-closed Grace Place says the new store combines "clean lines, contemporary pieces – and a lower price point," featuring everything from $2 Compagnie de Provence soaps in a multitude of fragrances, to Kenneth Turner/London lotions and candles, priced from $14-$34, to $300 floor cushions covered in vibrant textured fabrics.

McAdams' retail baby also includes fabrics and accessories for the nursery. She found out after her first New York buying trip for the store that she would give birth to more than the store this year — she'd also be giving birth to her first child. Offering nursery design services "was not part of the original plan," laughs McAdams. "But it is now."